10 Reasons Why You Suck at Photography


Please be advised that the contents below are frank, sarcastic, aggressive, and straight to the point that might not be suitable for your reading preference or you may find it offensive and invalid. So if you’re not ready, please don’t read it.


1) You didn’t read the manual


This is the usual case when people simply ignore the manuals included in the package. First thing you’re going to do is to unwrap your camera and start playing with it.

“Hell yeah! I just need to set it to Auto mode, point it to the subject and press the shutter button! Very easy!”

But after several test shots, you realized that your photos are blurred, underexposed, overexposed, or out of focus. The next stupid thing you’re going to do is to get your ass online, ask questions in the forum and wait for replies. For Christ sake…. read your manual!


2) You don’t accept comments and criticism

You are nothing but a stubborn and arrogant human being if you don’t accept “CNC” or comments and criticism from other photographers.  If you don’t want other people to criticize your work, then don’t post it!


3) You know nothing about basic framing, lighting and composition

You should know that snapshot and photography is like an orange and apple. Taking a picture becomes a photography when you apply those 3 important points which are framing, lighting and composition. There are lots of basic photography tutorials over the internet that give you no room for excuses.

You may want to visit this site to know more about it:


4) You buy accessories that you don’t even know its purpose

Just because your friend bought a filter, doesn’t mean that you also need to buy one for yourself.
“Hey, I bought a CPL filter but when I shoot landscape at daytime, the sky is still overexposed.”
Obviously, because you need a GND filter and not a CPL.

Before buying an accessory for your camera, make sure that you know its purpose and you are able to utilize it.


5) You keep on joining a newbie crowd

You keep on joining a newbie crowd for the sake of being the so called “Overlord” in the group is just plain stupid. Impressing them with your average shots makes you think that your photography skills are accelerating just because a lot of newbies are praising your photos each and every time. If you really want to improve your photography skills, join a group that consists of experienced/professional photographers and let them criticize your photos. Set aside your ego, shut up and listen.


6) You do photography to take advantage of the models

Most of the newbies in photography will probably try portraiture as a startup because that’s the easiest way to get close to a woman, isn’t it??

“Thanks to my DSLR!!! I met a lot of chic today!”
“Shit, I just saw her panty when she crouched!”
“Oh Christ! Her boobs are as big as an infant’s head!”
“After this photoshoot, I will get the model’s mobile number and ask her out on a date.”

Like seriously bro!?  ( /facepalm )


7) You over-do your post processing

Obviously, you don’t know the standards of post-processing because you think that HDR is over-the-top and a “MUST TRY” technique.


Applying it on portrait is even worse than eating your own shit.

“Ohh… I see.. Dave Hill style is it?!”  Close enough.


You are trying to remove the imperfection of the model’s skin until the whole photo become soft and the model turns into a mannequin.


You try to over-sharpen your blurred shots for the sake of making it sharp.


You increase the saturation of your photo (like there’s no tomorrow) thinking that a colorful photo is a great photo.


My mom said that I am now a freaking good photographer when she saw my post-processed photos! “Ohh… your mom cooks in the kitchen everyday. I can see that.”


Photographs are meant to be post-processed because the perfect camera doesn’t exists. But editing your images until it looks fake and awkward-looking is nothing closer than those girls who put a lot of make-up and fake eye lashes to cover-up their… ahh… nevermind. “Uhh… What?!”

You still don’t get it? It means that you are over-doing your post-processing to cover-up your horrible images!


8) You are a Graphic Artist wannabe

Just because you know how to use Photoshop doesn’t mean you are a graphic artist.
Photo manipulating your models such as cropping the subject horribly to the extent that I can still see the jagged edge from the background and putting additional elements that doesn’t blend the situation and environment. The very 90’s lens flare, terrible grunge texture that makes it look unpleasant to the eye. Applying funny brushes and your one-click color-casting action is just disgusting.

The funny thing here is you don’t admit that you suck at photo manipulation and you still keep on sharing your funny-manipulated photos. You should take a look at this link to see what a real photo manipulation is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32229532@N08/

Now that’s what you call a photo manipulation!
Credit to: Gerbie Pabilonia of Beyond Photography


9) You don’t have any idea about proper watermarking

“I just bought my new DSLR and I am entitled to put my name+photography on top of my newbie shots!”  Uuhh… Ok….

Well, there is nothing wrong with it. But believe it or not, claiming your snapshot a photography is just hilarious. I would rather put my name somewhere at the corner and forget about the word “photography”and it will be more humble. Including your photography website URL as a watermark would be nice.

Watermark is not meant to become a distraction of your photo but rather a signature. Using bevel and emboss, heavy drop shadow, outer glow, massive fonts, or striking colors on your watermark is horrifying.

“You got a simple and boring watermark bro. Mine is better. It has the “pop-up” look!”


“I saw a photo with a shutter icon on the watermark! I’m going to use the same shit for my photos! Isn’t it cool bro?”


“I just downloaded a futuristic font, bro and they will surely piss their pants off if they see it.” 


“I’m a fan of heavy metal so I will also use a heavy metal font on my watermark.”


“I will do my watermark like maybe 1/4 of my image size so that everyone will surely notice my name there. What do you think, bro? That would be awesome, right?”


“I will put my watermark repetitively so no one can ever steal my photo!!!”


I will put my watermark on the center so if they want to alter my watermark, they will spoil the image!”


10) You always shoot in JPEG

You probably don’t know the advantage of shooting in RAW. Common reason why you don’t shoot in RAW is because you think that it is just a waste of your SD/CF card’s disk space. You always believe that JPEG can still be post-processed without any difference from a post-processed RAW file.

You always brag your so called “SOOC” (straight out of camera) shot because you think that you are using the perfect camera. But sometimes, people know the advantage of shooting in RAW but they feel lazy to post-process their images in a tedious manner.


Disclaimer: Credits are all mentioned. Other images are paid stock photos. The above statements are all self-written based on observation and experience.

Take these points as an eye-opener and look forward on improving your photos. If you hate this post, I can only tell you one thing… “Reality bites.”

June 9, 2012 // Blog // 71 comments

71 Responses to 10 Reasons Why You Suck at Photography

  1. rhandzz says:

    nice one bro. definitely i will share this blog. nicely done! 🙂

  2. Pinkcheeks says:

    i just tweeted this, this should be shared everywhere!

  3. Sarah says:

    It’s really good to read a straight-to-the-point blog like this. Newbies like me shouldn’t feel bad of this, because it would help a lot. A lot. 🙂 I want to read more about DO’s and DON’Ts.

    • fusiondub says:

      Hi mam! Thanks for reading the blog. I will post more useful tips soon. This post is just for a wake-up call. 🙂

  4. Nathan says:

    nice blog….im sure anyone should learn from this…

  5. Loud and frank explanation that every photography enthusiast should know!

  6. Good stuff and spot on!

  7. well detail , nice article!

  8. elmer cuaton says:

    The only people who will not accept comments and criticism they don’t deserved tp be calles a photgrapher and I Call it Stupid! Thanks for reminding me 6 mos. in photography love it.

  9. [ ka pOpOy ] says:

    well done! definitely, I’ll share this page to my friends and co-photographers. thanks for sharing!

  10. john paul adrian ronquillo says:

    nice watermark! 😀

  11. ruel says:

    haha, amazing! 🙂

  12. Hey, I just read your article. It’s a very nice guide to improving one’s photography, I’ll share it on my blog (thisisnotinstagram.wordpress.com). Anyway, thanks for the thoughts. I hope that this post produce a great photographer someday.

  13. jrey says:

    Well said and nuff said 🙂

  14. Zedric says:

    Nice one bro but do proof read your blogs next time before posting them… There were some minor mistakes in grammar… :D…

  15. jun regala says:

    nice blog. i learned from it. well said.

  16. Aleah says:

    Guilty, guilty, guilty! LOL

  17. Mark Morfe says:

    This is a good eye-opener to all those who aspire taking up photography. May I request your permission to have this reposted (some or all parts). I’m thinking of adding ways to improve on those.

    • fusiondub says:

      Hi sir Mark. You may repost the link but please don’t copy paste my whole post as a new topic in your blog. Just mention the link together with your new write-ups and that would be great. Thanks!

  18. Andyfrog321 says:

    I’m gonna start shooting in raw when I get photoshop. 🙂

  19. Paul Licuanan says:

    so? . . . if his style so be it … but i do read my manuals…

    • fusiondub says:

      Yes, I agree sir. If they don’t find this article helpful, no big deal. It is the way I express my words and I think I have the right to do it in my own blog. I am glad that you read your manual. Thanks for giving the time to read this post. 🙂

  20. Yanyan Serrano says:

    HAHAHA! XD I laughed so hard when I read this… :DDD I’m also annoyed with those kind of persons who claimed themselves as professional photographers but if you could see their photos, it’s not really good… XD There’s a lot of them. REALLY. XDDD

  21. bogarth says:

    Nice blog! But whet it falls on wrong postings its ugly. Most people i know who shared or liked this on facebook, where i found it, doesn’t even own a DSLR camera and neither are they masters in graphics design. They’re burning themselves, its called envy.

  22. coolshox says:

    gandang mensahi makakatulong to sa skill at mind set kung sino man gustong maging “professional photographer!

  23. Romie says:

    Thanks for sharing this pretty good blog dude!

  24. Chaz says:

    This article would have been better if there were no glaring grammar glitches.

  25. Nice ideas and suggestions! Astig 🙂

  26. Helen says:

    Thanks for this. My hobby is photography and I am learning all the time about techniques and equipment! I would never call myself a photographer tho, may be in some years, but you’re right, some people (and I do know some!) think DSLR=photographer when in fact its just the very beginning of an awful lot of learning!

  27. Mary says:

    I am guilty of #1, #3 and #10. I DO need to read my manual, and or the other books that I bought about my Canon. I rely wayyyy tooo much on auto settings and my photos suffer because of it. I wish I could hook up with someone in my area (the middle of Wyoming) who also has a Canon RebelXsI who I could learn alot from. I have yet to see an antelope or prairie dog carrying one, so for now I must actually read. Do I find your blog offensive. Nope. Its true. Good job

  28. Jake says:

    lol this made me crack up. but good info for the newbies that might be wandering aimlessly around. subing to this now!

    if you have time check my blog out http://www.kansascityphotography-jacobmesser.com

  29. purbida says:

    If Photography have rules..the I’m not a photographer… I’d rather be called and artist….hate it or love it.. its my expression!

  30. schadow1 says:

    11. I’m sharing this so I’ll feel like a pro and laugh at others reading it. Thinking that i’m a pro myself and i don’t get affected by this article.


  31. Baglet says:

    I like your blog, I like the point you’re making, but if you’re going to write a blog accusing photograpers of laziness I suggest you proof read before editing, just writing a blog doesn’t make you a good writer. (oh and I hope you appreciate the CNC)

    • fusiondub says:

      Thank you for reading the blog. I didn’t claim that I’m a good writer and writing a blog doesn’t make me a good writer either. I blog because I want to blog. If you’re not happy with what you have read. Not my problem anymore. I hope you’re not using a fake email so you can still read my reply. 🙂

      Did I accused someone? This is for the general audiences. If this post slapped you in the face. wake up! I’m not the best photographer in the world, but I believe that I have the right to say what I feel, and oh… thanks for the CNC. 😀

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  33. Ken says:

    Made me smile, I will have to start using your cool watermark!

  34. Good! It’s useful tips and step for take photograph.

  35. Deon Fialkov says:

    Great, well-written, informative posting. Love the variations of branding the image badly…

  36. Michael says:

    There is one person I would love to share this blog with, but I’m afraid it will start a war. Great job. I would add a few more steps to that, but you covered most of it.

  37. Dave says:

    Oh dear. Y’know, one thing I’ve noted in the couple of years I’ve been taking pics is that the mediocre photographers are invariably the least charitable and least generous towards other photographers. So when I saw this snide, miserable post taking cheapshots at kids who just want to take photos, I went looking for your Flickr photostream to see if my theory held true.

    And it does.

    Your work is generic, bland, joyless. Sure, you know how to use your equipment, but that’s all that can be said. It’s photography by numbers. Long exposures of beaches and buildings, wide angle shots of rooms… You don’t challenge yourself or your viewer. Predictable both in terms of content and composition.

    So here’s an 11th reason you suck at photography:

    You stick a wide-angle lens on your camera, take photos of scenery, and delude yourself into believing you’re something other than a glorified tourist.

    Remember point 2, now.

    • fusiondub says:

      LOL. you’re just envy that I have the wide angle lens. 😛 Lemme quote this:

      “Your work is generic, bland, joyless.”

      Oh yeah… and I received lots of awards and favourites in Flickr. I guess those people who did that doesn’t have a taste at all. Do you think so? LOL. It is funny to think that some people still don’t understand the purpose of this blog and still read the whole God damn article even if I already wrote in the very beginning of the post that you may find it offensive and invalid.

      Oh yeah, so my portfolio isn’t that great. I guess it is time for you to shine and let us see your glorified photos.

  38. Mark says:

    As one of the newbies you are talk ing about, I think I totally agree. been reading manuals books about all of the above for 12 months now and only now starting to understand the technicality of photography

  39. its an eye opener for a real photographers,we should not forget to take those photographs naturally.Its an element for an art in photography anyway as artist say.Thanks for this,Its an informative points the aspiring.More blogs to go.

  40. Mark C. says:

    This my friend is well said !
    I am a 32 year veteran and know what I am doing behind the lens.
    My son will read this to see the light and soften the ego.
    I like it when somebody tell it like it is.
    Always room for improvement and criticism, paint artists and sculpters live it.
    I like getting feedback from my shots, if it sucked then so be it ! LEARN !! REVIEW !
    Above all else read !
    Keep up the good work !

  41. Kate says:

    You’ll see the same comment in Flickr
    Ha ha ha. I am laughing so hard right now. I am an amateur and make no claims to getting it right but there are so many tools over using photoshop for not getting it right in camera. Just buying an expensive camera and accessories (my favourite is Canon/Nikon/Olympus branded UV, CPL, Bag, tripod, Hat, T-shirt) does not make you a photographer.

  42. Clark says:

    Great topic. It really hit me somehow though I consider myself not as a photographer but a hobbyist. I surely learn a lot from this and hopefully I will follow your advise in making my photos worth sharing without bragging. More power to you. Btw I shared this to my friends who are into photography too 🙂

  43. Wibs says:

    Brader really liked this post. Pa reblog ha 🙂

  44. Alan says:

    Your article/ blog/ rant makes you look like an elitist prick. Along the lines of your number 2 above, I wonder if anyone critical of this article/ blog/ rant will have their criticism posted as a comment – or do you only post the ones that blow smoke up your rear (like your mom)? If you’re going to post shit in the public realm you should be able to accept some criticism. Your grammar is like some people’s watermarks!!!

    • fusiondub says:

      Say what old man? elitist prick? Then what do you think you are now? Cyber Punk?
      Did I posted shit? Where? lol. Please enlighten me. My grammar sucks? Can you speak other language aside from English? lol. Do you mind correcting my grammar if you think that your English is excellent.

      Before you rant here in my Blog, make sure that you fully understand what I posted and set-aside your f*cking ego. This article/post doesn’t make me better than other photographers/hobbyist. Don’t humiliate yourself ok? lol.

  45. Jane says:

    Whilst I agree with your comments, so many of the judges now seem more impressed with over-processed, fake looking photographs.

  46. Yes. Very true. But one problem is vary few negative comments / criticisms are posted in internet forums, from where you can improvise yourself. Basic comment formats in forums are “Nice shot”, “Awesome” etc, which does not helps you a lot.

  47. Benz Cruz says:

    tama! so damn true..!

  48. alvin bartolome says:

    Pitiful Mang Kanor. 🙂

  49. gerald says:

    Very well said and very honest.People really need to read and if not,just buy a digicam and just save you’re money.

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