A Quick Guide for Setting up your XBMC

If you haven’t downloaded the installer yet, you can get it from http://xbmc.org/download/

Choose the platform that you are currently using.


Install it.


Make sure that your movies are well-organized in one location. It can be in one folder together with the subtitle. Anyway, you can always add more movies from different path later on.


Normally, a pop-up window will come out saying that some of the Repositories are broken so just click “YES”


Ok, let’s get started on adding up your movies into the Library. Click the “VIDEOS”


Click “Files”


Click “Add Videos”


Click “Browse”


Choose the drive or folder that contains all your movies (e.g. E: drive )


Then click “OK”


As you have noticed, E: drive is already been selected as the source but at the bottom (highlighted in blue), you still need to enter a name for the media source.


So as a sample, I’m gonna type “Movies” and click “OK”


After setting the Video Source, you need to set the content for each movies. This will be an automated thing once you set the “Scraper”.

What is Scraper? It is a list of online movie database where you can gather all the information for your movies such as the fanart, thumbnail, date, reviews, synopsis, etc.  So everytime you add in more movies into your movie drive or folder, XBMC will automatically update your Library.

By default, it is set to “None” and you need to choose proper category for the Scraper to be more accurate.


So to make the Scraper accurate, I’m gonna choose “Movies”. As you can see on the “Choose a Scraper” tab, there is already one source which is “The Movie Database” and in order for you to have more source for movie information, you must click “Get More…”


After clicking “Get More…” button, it will lead you to this page whereby you can select specific movie database.  So as a sample, I’m gonna select “AsianDB”


and install…

You can see the progress of the downloads as you install each movie database.


After you install your desired movie database, you will see it under “Choose a Scraper” tab.
Below are some options that you might need to enable such as “Run automated scan”

Other options is up to your preference. Now you can click “OK” to proceed.


As you can see below, there’s a progress bar on the top right. The Scraper is starting to pull the information from the movie database that you have chosen previously and apply it to your movie list. Later on, you will see the fanart background and the thumbnail on the right. It will also show whether it is HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition)

It might take a while depending on the number of movies you have in the Library and how fast your internet connection is.


As my own preference, I hid some add-ons / features which I think  is unnecessary and enable some useful settings. So if you want to check what are those, simply click “SYSTEM” then “Settings”


Under Videos Settings > Library, I enabled “Update library on startup”
Enabling this will automatically scan and update your movie library on startup whenever you add/remove movies from the folder.


Under Videos Settings > File lists, I enabled “Replace file names with library titles”
Enabling this will give more accurate labelling of your movies in the Library.


Under Skin Settings > Home window, I hid Videos, Music, Pictures, Programs, and Weather.
I also enabled “Show Recently added Videos” that will be shown in the Home (refer to the final output below)


I’m kind of annoyed with the RSS feed scrolling at the footer.


So I decided to disable it under Appearance Settings > Skin


Finally! This is the final output! I hope this helps you in setting up your XBMC!


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