My 1st Candid Shooting @ Orchard Road

Inspired by Mr. Danny Santos II, I went to Orchard Road last Sunday to conduct my first candid shooting of strangers that passes by. I had a lot of difficulties shooting strangers because I am kind of tense that I might get caught by the person that I am shooting and get my ass kicked. Aside from that, I am not using tripod to shoot people and it makes my other shots blur.

To all the people who happened to be included in these photos, this is just for my photography hobby and nothing personal.

Okay, this is my first shot… Oh crap! What the hell? blurred!!! >.<

some more….

Why all girls?! nah….



I love this shot! what a cute baby!

lovers passing by… ^_^

These are some few personal tips in shooting stranger:

1. Use telephoto lens
2. Find the right spot with enough lighting and good angle to take photo.
3 . Find a place where you can stand without someone at your back if possible because they might see who/what you`re taking with
4. Don`t look at your subject after taking his/her photo
5. You can let your subject pass by before you put down your camera so he/she would not think that you were taking a photo of him/her



and guess what? I saw Mr. Danny Santos II hanging around in Orchard Road.
This is what I call “Staking the Stalker” lol…. *peace sir Danny*


I hope my candid shooting improves in the future. Thanks for viewing! Hope you like it! =)

November 29, 2010 // Blog // 33 comments

33 Responses to My 1st Candid Shooting @ Orchard Road

  1. Lorenz says:

    Nice pics pre galing ka ng photographer ah kina career na talaga hehehe

  2. DK says:

    great images..!! vignette adds attraction and drama.. c^^,)

  3. Shoegazer says:

    nice shots, nice people and nice photographer!

  4. ninong says:

    wala p akong alam sa photography pero ang ganda ng mga shots mo….. idol paturo ako pag nagkameron ako. hehehhe

  5. cgmjeff says:

    Nice one! Galing galing naman…. ang cute nila. 😀

  6. mcsaints says:

    Nice bro!

  7. Juvone says:

    Not bad! 😀 Maybe can try shooting candid couple shots on streets too! That would be quite cool uh 😀 The baby sure is cute!

  8. dex_d1 says:

    ganda bro ah.. dati product photography ngaun naman street. nice one..gusto ko ung may baby bro. eheh

  9. KC says:

    Panalo si idol Danny, mukhang may sinisipat sya sa pic nyang yan ah! hahaha

  10. Michael says:

    wow nice pictures… lalo na ung girl na naka shades wahahahaha…. very professional photographer

  11. galing naman. pero mas gagaling ka pa kung may boys na cute ang sho shoot mo! hahaha … parang ikaw. hugs master necro! galing mo talaga!

  12. Cris says:

    Nice.. Very Professional bro.. Keep it up.. Btw, did you get the number of those pretty girls? lolz.. hehehe

  13. wendelle says:

    ang ganda ng shots mo pre 😀

  14. edyboy says:

    idol talaga

  15. mark says:

    nice nice ganda bro….

  16. benz says:

    hanep! galing! defined talaga yung focal point.. patuloy lang po master!:D

  17. christine says:

    galing ah :bd

  18. bloodlust designs says:

    hwaw!! daming chix! iba talaga to si sir necro! hehehe!

    naks! naka telephoto ka na pala master! anong lens gamit mu jan?

    nice set btw… ganda ng bokeh master! oh, and nice tips! 🙂

  19. Fynn says:

    nice shots, lalo na yung couple, sana ma shot mo din kami ng gf ko kaso nsa singapore ka haha

  20. vhinz says:

    galing galing 🙂 idol!

  21. Kenneth says:

    great shots!:D

  22. danes says:

    very nice one sir!!

  23. jyn019 says:

    Nice one necro. bangis nito…
    naka 55-250 ka ba??

    nice bokeh.. nice concept.
    the baby sure is cute.. 🙂

    • fusiondub says:

      thank you very much to all who commented! I really appreciate it. 🙂

      yes sir, 55-250mm gamit ko. haha… salamat! 😀

  24. caster troy says:

    more practice on boque effect man, you”re doing great now 😀

  25. rhandzz says:

    hayufff! level up ka nanaman paps! :)) idol hehe
    abangan ko yung street catwalk ah katulad nung kay sir danny 😀

  26. Sherman says:

    Awesome website.. keep it up mark 😉

  27. mcometa says:

    Nice nice! Sarap naman sigurong maglakad-lakad diyan sa Orchard Rd. One day… One day…

    Request: Hot Moms naman! :))

  28. Nice set! 🙂
    What settings did you use?
    Im no expert but you could try setting your exposure to 1/200 or even 1/300 to remove the blur due to movement.

    Good luck on your next shoots! 🙂

  29. Leona says:

    professional stalker!!!… haha!!!…

  30. Dennis Yamsuan says:

    Nice set papz! pag nasa orchard ako, magtatago ako pag nakita kita :p

  31. michaelhernandez says:

    nice!!! wala na ko masabi, nasabi na nila lahat. hahaha

  32. ate ning says:

    mark very nice gentle shots!

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