My Custom Shirts from ShowMyShirt

Got these great tees from Mr. Paul Tan, founder of ShowMyShirt. It’s been a while since they visited me here in Singapore. Let’s now take a look at the shirts!

First of all, these are my personalized shirts together with the concept mockup done in Photoshop.

I’m not a nerd. Just a geek – 390.00 PHP




Battlefield 3 – 1,500.00 PHP





If you will notice, the details of the Battlefield 3 soldier on the shirt became flat. It is because ShowMyShirt can only print flat colors, no gradient, no 3D-Like or photo realism kind of print. One thing is the positioning of the logos. At first, I didn’t thought of putting Frostbite 2 logo. But on the last minute, I was informed that the Frostbite 2 logo was already printed where the EA logo supposed to appear. The final output was still okay since Electronic Arts is always the highlight of this game, not bad to put it on the center together with the big Battlefield 3 text.

Republic of Gamers – 650.00 PHP




These are the pre-made design couple shirts

His and Hers – 900.00 PHP

Originally, the color of this design is blue. Since the customer is allowed to choose the colors of their choice, I wanted the shirt to have a color of a brazil flag. A combination of yellow and green with a lining of white.


This is how it looks like when you both wearing the shirts.

National Geographic Channel : Live Curious – 920.00 PHP

I love the tagline! One of my favorite shirt actually.


ShowMyShirt – FREE

Thank you very much for the couple shirt give-aways. 😀


These are the other pre-made designs.

Razer – 870.00 PHP

I am a fan of Razer products…. so…. haterz gonna hate!


Party Rock : Everyday Im Shufflin – 800.00 PHP

From the popular song of L.M.F.A.O., this is really cool!


Boy Pick-up – 480.00 PHP

A double meaning tagline. hehehe… =P


and last but not the least… a tribute to Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez fight

Stepping On Somebody Won’t Put You On Top – 690.00 PHP

This tagline relates on the footwork trick that Juan Manuel Marquez did during their fight.
Click Here to see what I’m saying!


My Review

ShowMyShirt doesn’t use silk-screen printing or printing machine for mass production, but they are using heat-press. They cut the design details manually and put onto the shirt by pressing it with the heat-press machine.

As I have mentioned earlier, they are using flat colors for the design. So if you want to create your own custom design shirt, you must send them a vector file in AI / PSD / EPS / TIFF format. Otherwise, you can send a flattened JPEG but it should be high-resolution enough for printing.

The quality of the clothe used for the shirt is quite decent. Almost the same quality of those mediocre brands of apparel in the mall.

As far as I remember, they have 3 kinds of clothe texture:

A. 100% Cotton – thin
B. 70% Cotton / 30% Polyester – thick
C. 70% Cotton / 30% Polyester – thicker

As a personal preference, I still prefer 100% cotton especially when you perspire easily.

Taking Care

I put it inside a laundry net before I throw it into the washing machine. I iron the reverse side of the shirt so the print won’t stick and get screwed up.


April 7, 2012 // Blog // 3 comments

3 Responses to My Custom Shirts from ShowMyShirt

  1. densho6 says:

    astig 2… san location sir?…

    • fusiondub says:

      ni-link ko na yung fan page nya sir, visit mo na lang Facebook nila, tapos inquire ka. wala silang physical store as of now, pinapa-ship lang yung mga damit sa mga customers.

  2. New Girl says:

    Ang galing naman!
    Gusto ko yong first one… Im just a Geek! 😀
    Salamat sa link. I’ll contact them now.

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