v-JAYS is in the Haus!

Hooorah!!! I got my new v-JAYS headphone from Stereo Electronics located at ION Orchard Singapore.

I bought this to replace my ageing iPhone 4 stock earphone. My first impression with this headphone is sleek and lightweight. It has a massive bass and awesome clarity.

PROS: The wire is quite thick, so it must be durable enough compared to a normal wires which are very thin that can be easily break.

CONS: The cable is very short, it will not even reach your mobile phone inside your pocket. It has this wire extension included in the box. But when you use it to extend the wire, it will become very long and you need to wrap it around a bit.



Hey, I got this for only 79.20 SGD because they’re having a promotion of giving away 10% discount when you liked their Facebook page. By the way,  the usual price is 88 SGD.  If you want to visit their store, it is located at ION Orchard B4-23/24. They have a huge variety of audio accessories, gadgets and more!

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